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Pre-Order FRESH GREEN CHILE from New Mexico farmers - 2019 SHIPS LATE AUGUST

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Fresh New Mexico Green Chiles 

Our Farmers grow some of the BEST Chile in New Mexico.  With farms just south of Albuquerque in Los Lunas & all the way down to Las Cruces, these farmers grow Chile in the fertile Rio Grande' river valley where Chile has been grown since New Mexico has been a state and long before that.  
1.  We hand select Chiles right from the field gunny sacks, removing the bruised and broken Chiles and re-packing the Chiles into air-holed boxes with a Chile gunny sack on the bottom of each box for additional padding during shipping.  

2.  Please let us know if you'd like SPECIFIC delivery dates.
We ship these on Tuesdays and they arrive on Thursdays and Fridays.  The Chiles are picked Mondays.  
*cutoff date for ordering each week's Fresh shipments is Sunday evening as described in the category section for Fresh Chiles.  
3.  We Ship 5lbs and 10lbs of Selected Chiles.  Shipping only 10lbs at a time or less ensures that the Chiles will arrive in much better condition than if packed in 20lb quantities or more.  *The sheer weight of all the Chiles on top of each other can cause considerable damage when shipping.

4.  Shipping FRESH Chile will result in a portion of the Chiles turning colors.  After being picked some Chiles turn faster than others.....our Sandia and Barker (Hot & XHot) Chiles turn faster than the Bigger Mild Chiles.  Some Chiles will even turn from green to red in the 2 to 3 days they are being shipped.


5lbs for $48.00 Delivered to your door.  2 to 3 days
10lbs for $74.00 Delivered to your door.  2 to 3 days

 *Picture of Roasted and peeled Green Chiles

We ship by USPS, UPS and FEDEX *  
*Unfortunately we can't ship Fresh Chiles to Canada or outside USA. 
** Hawaii and Alaska shipments are charged an additional $10.00 per 10lb order, $5.00 per 5lbs.

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