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Egg Crystals

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These are not the nasty powdered eggs you find in most emergency supply kits
and backpacker meals. These are real, whole eggs that are freeze dried, fully
preserving their nutritional values and texture. Here at New Mexican Connection
we are committed to providing only products of the highest quality.

These egg
crystals are so good that you will never believe they aren’t freshly cracked eggs. In
fact, the US Army and US Navy have dumped the old style powdered eggs for
these egg crystals. And Panera uses them as their egg wash on their baked goods,
too! These are top quality.
 No added salt – just pure freeze dried egg crystals
 The special patented process retains all the nutrition and texture of freshly
scrambled eggs.
 Convenient and easy to use. Add water, whisk, and cook. No cracking and
disposing of eggshells.
 No refrigeration necessary. Shelf stable.
 For baked goods, use them one for one in any recipe because they are real,
whole eggs!
 These are not “rehydrate and eat” pre-cooked eggs. They require cooking
because they are like freshly cracked eggs when mixed with water.
They are delicious on their own, but top them with one of our outstanding salsas
or Freeze Dried NM Chile and you will be oh, so happy!
These egg crystals are perfect for camping trips, emergency reserves and of
course everyday use in the kitchen.
Yes, they are a little pricey, as most freeze dried products are. But please give
them a try. We guarantee that you will be impressed.
Ron and Pilar

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