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Where does our Chile come from?
Our Chile is Lemitar Chile. It is grown in the Middle Rio Grande Region. About 90 miles North of Hatch, New Mexico.
Is 10 pounds too much to order?
No, Our Chile comes in 1 pound bags. Use a pound as needed, store the rest in your freezer.  Great for Restaurants!

When was the Chile picked?
Our Chile was picked the last harvest. It was roasted the next day, packed and put into our giant freezers where it waits for a home.

Is it ready to eat?
Almost. We freeze the Chile with skin on. This helps protect the "meat" of the pepper. After thawing simply take the skin off, it almost falls off, cut off the stem and remove seeds.  Then it's ready to put on a steak or burger or dice it and use it in your favorite recipes.

What is the difference between Green, Red & Pintado?
Green Chile is picked at the beginning of the harvest.  Pintado Chilealso know as Christmas Chile is picked in the middle of the harvest, when the Chile is starting to turn color, it will have some Red.  Red Chile is picked at the end of the harvest right off the vine. Fresh! You can let Green Chile set and it will turn Red however it would not be Fresh. Red has a sweeter taste.  The color has no effect on heat levels.
How Is Our Chile Shipped?
Shipping is every Monday and Tuesday by FedEx or UPS with deliveries on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. We ship our Frozen Chile in insulated containers with frozen gel packs enclosed to ensure a successful delivery. Ready for your freezer upon delivery. We use fast FedEx or UPS shipping. Shipping cost is included for shipping to certain parts of the country. 

Please note that expedited 2 day shipping charges will apply for any order in Hawaii, Alaska or the East Coast. This ensures that you get your frozen chile in a reasonable amount of time and in good condition.

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