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who we are

Hello, my name is Ron. Many of you know me, some do not. My wife Maria Del Pilar (Pili) and I are the owners of NMC. We are a New Mexico family business.
In this day and age of Online sale, sometimes the human factor is lost. We just want to let you know you can contact us  anytime.

Since 1995 New Mexican Connection has been supplying Chile Lovers everywhere with the world's best, that is, New Mexican Chile. 

There's nothing more enjoyable for us than sharing our New Mexican culture and our food with the rest of the USA. New Mexico Chile is a true national treasure! 

We get our Chile directly from our New Mexico family farmer the day after the Chile is harvested!  

Whether you are an NM transplant, living afar and yearning for the Chile you grew up eating or are a new convert to the fantastic taste of NM Chile...we are your Chile source!  There are many fine chilies out there, but none come close to the world's best and that is New Mexico Chile.  Give us a try!  Call us or email us with any of your concerns or comments. Thank you for your interest in New Mexican Connection

(505) 292-5493

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