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About How We Ship Our Chile

Fresh Chile


Our Fresh Chile is picked on Mondays, FAST shipped with-in 24 hours and is at your doorstep by Friday or sooner! The peppers are sorted by hand and only the best, most beautiful ones are sent to you. We ship Fresh Chile in 5lbs, 10lbs and 20 lbs.  You can get 2 temperatures if you like. 

 The Harvest starts about the 3rd week in August and runs for 7-8 weeks. You will have a chance to get Fresh from one of our 7 or 8 pickings. 

 If you want GREEN, we will ship your Chile at the beginning of the harvest.

If you like PINTADO or Christmas Tree, that is RED and GREEN, we will ship you Chile mid Harvest.

If you discovered that RED is best, we will ship your Chile at the end of the Harvest, Red fresh off the vine.


GREEN Chile will turn Red in a few days after being picked. Faster in the heat. It will not be Fresh however. Still tasty.


Frozen Chile

All Frozen orders are shipped in insulated lined cartons FAST . Frozen Gel packs are added. Orders are shipped only on Monday or Tuesday.  Shown in photo is 10 pounds of "Big Jim's" in our shipping carton. 



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