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About How We Ship Our Chile

Frozen- All frozen orders are shipped in insulated lined cartons. Frozen Gel packs are added. Orders are shipped only on Monday or Tuesday. All frozen orders are shipped to ensure prompt delivery. Shown in photo is 10 lbs of "Big Jims" in our shipping carton. 



FRESH- (SEPTEMBER AND OCTOBER ONLY) Fresh Chiles are shipped usually within hours of being harvested. Our cartons are lined with a soft gunny sack. We will not ship more than 10 lbs to a container in order to prevent bruising or crushing.  We go through each sack of Chile by hand and remove broken, bruised and Chiles turning red.  Our Fresh Chiles are gently hand-packed. 
Beware, FRESH Chile turns colors fast.  Some Chiles turn faster than others.....our Sandia and Barker (Hot & XHot) Chiles turn faster than the Bigger Mild Chiles. Some Chiles will even turn from green to red in as fast as 2 to 3 days. You may see some red. (in the Chiles). 

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