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Snake ranch chile sacks

Product image 1Snake ranch chile sacks
Product image 2Snake ranch chile sacks
Product image 3Snake ranch chile sacks
Product image 4Snake ranch chile sacks

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6 Snake Ranch Chile Sacks.

These Chile sacks come right from the fields of New Mexico's Snake Ranch and once carried 40lbs of Fresh Chiles. They measure 22" x 35". They can be used for all kinds of handy purposes. We like using them as planters for Potatoes.

Try this:  
We planted the spuds in the bottom of a Chile-sack, placed inside an old galvanized bucket* with the top rolled most of the way down in the dirt. As they develop some height (about 6 inches), we'll roll up the sack a little and add soil. We will continue to roll the bag up and add soil periodically until the plants flower. At that time we will cease to water them and wait to harvest until the tops begin to die back.
*A leaky, old, galvanized bucket is a perfect holder for the gunny sack. We drilled a bunch of extra holes in the bottom for good drainage.
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